15pc Combination Wrench Set - SAE (SKU#48-22-9415)


SKU: 48-22-9415

Milwaukee has designed our Combination Wrenches from the ground up, delivering maximum torque and ultimate user comfort. The MAX BITE™ Open-End Grip improves the wrench's grip on nuts and bolts, and the geometry reduces rounding and stripping. MAX BITE™ offers 25% More Torque than competitive wrench designs. The Comfortable I-Beam Handle Design allows superior user comfort, even while applying high torque. Milwaukee wrenches feature Ink-Filled Size Labels for easy size identification, and quick distinction between SAE and metric sets. The 15pc kits come in a storage tray designed for Long-Term Storage, keeping your tool chest organized. Standing behind our products, Milwaukee offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our Combination Wrench Sets.


(1) 1/4" Combination Wrench(1) 9/32" Combination Wrench(1) 5/16" Combination Wrench(1) 7/8" Combination Wrench(1) 11/32" Combination Wrench(1) 3/8" Combination Wrench(1) 7/16" Combination Wrench(1) 1/2" Combination Wrench(1) 9/16" Combination Wrench(1) 5/8" Combination Wrench(1) 11/16" Combination Wrench(1) 3/4" Combination Wrench(1) 13/16" Combination Wrench(1) 15/16" Combination Wrench(1) 1" Combination Wrench